July 26, 2010

Local 1904 is seeking your cooperation in contacting the Senators and Assembly
members in your political district to ask them to oppose legislation designed to
break up the state-wide bargaining unit for college/university employees.
The bills are:  S2026 and A2963 sponsored by Senator Kean and Assemblyman Webber respectively.

Our bargaining agent has been in existence for approximately four decades
and has successfully concluded numerous contracts with the
State of New Jersey and over the past three decades these negotiations
were concluded without a strike. If the legislation were passed, each
college/university would have to negotiate a successor agreement with its
campus unions. This would prove to be both costly and redundant, and
more importantly, greatly dilute our overall strength in numbers at the bargaining table.

Local 1904, in collaboration with other state colleges/universities, is initiating
a campaign to stop this legislation from being passed.   Please join us this
Wednesday July 28 at our calling station in front of Cafe Diem
(10:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M.), or please call your local state senators and
assembly members on your own on Wednesdays during the summer and
ask them to oppose this legislation.

To find the legislators in your political district please use this link:

In addition, please find attached a suggested phone script that you can use
when contacting your legislators.  If a legislator is not available when you call,
please ask to speak with an aide.

If you call on your own, please inform Ken Brook (External
Vice President of Local 1904) which legislator(s) you contacted.
His e-mail address is brookk@mail.montclair.edu.

Thank you for your support in this most urgent matter.

In solidarity,
Jennifer Higgins
Internal Vice President