If you would like to see how a promotion in terms of salary increase works for professional staff, check out this example.

A Professional Services Specialist 3 (PSS3) at step 5 of range 21 the 2009 AY receives a performance-based promotion effective July 2010.

1. PSS3 @ step 5, U21= $58,112.36

2. Move to step 6, U21= $60,535.34

3. The new range will be U24. Find the step that has a salary closest to $60,535.34, but not less than it. In this particular example, the new salary for the promotion is $61,659.74, or step 3, U24

4. In subsequent years, your normal increments continue to step 4 etc. annually. Once you hit step 8, these increments come with the 39th pay period (or every 18 months), not the 26th.